Uruguay Perdiz Hunting

Uruguay Perdiz Hunting

Perdiz hunting in Uruguay - add it to your duck hunt with Los Gauchos...
Perdiz hunting in Uruguay is a unique and special upland hunt. WIth well trained dogs, professional guides and a background of rolling hills, fresh, manicured farmland, and fast birds that shoot up giving the shooter a challenge that makes this hunt a great afternoon shoot.

Limits: 10 perdiz per hunter per day. The Perdiz hunt is not an all day affair. Los Gauchos combines this with the duck hunting (or dove hunting). Typically you will go in the morning and shoot ducks and then after lunch go out in the fields with the setters and hunt Perdiz.

Perdiz is a popular wingshooting sport by bird hunters around the world. Los Gauchos is proud to offer the Perdiz hunting in Uruguay , which is the best in South America. The Perdiz bird , as it is commonly called in South America can be found in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Uruguay is by far the country with the most prevalent volume of Perdiz.

An upland hunters stand out bird hunt, and a bird dog's paradise, the country of Uruguay is THE top Los Gauchos Outfitters destination forl sportsmen/women searching for an unparalleled opportunity at the sporty Perdiz.

The wild Perdiz is very similar to the upland birds of North America such as the quail. The size and body shape will resemble the quail, but Uruguay perdiz are different in their fly patterns and covey styles.

The Perdiz are most commonly found in scattered singles and pairs throughout low cut fields and rolling plains of Uruguay.

Upland Hunting Dog  - Uruguay Los Gauchos Outfitters

Uruguay Perdiz Hunting - a small wonder in a small country

Perdiz hunting in Uruguay is no longer one of Latin American's best kept secrets. Perdiz hunters from Europe, Brazil and now the USA are quickly discovering the bird hunting treasure of Uruguay and how EXCITING the perdiz hunting in Uruguay is.

The Fortin Lodge that Los Gauchos Outfitters offers is a top ranked Uruguay duck hunting lodge and Urugay Perdiz hunting lodge.

Hunting groups are limited to 8 hunters per week and Perdiz hunting can be added to the Uruguay duck hunting during the Perdiz hunting season of May, June, or July.

Perdiz Hunting in Uruguay:

Perdiz Hunting Facts Starts Ends Limits
Uruguay Perdiz Season May 1st July 31st  
Upland Bag Limits - Uruguay     10 per hunter
Perdiz Hunting Day - Fortin Lodge after lunch evening  


  • "A short time ago, I immersed myself in Uruguay for the bird hunting. I have yet to go anywhere else. Uruguay - a true paradise for duck hunting, perdiz hunting, and wow --let me tell you about the doves! "
    -a California Bird Hunter

  • "It would be our pleasure to strongly recommend Los Gauchos Outfitters Upland Hunting in Uruguay to anyone considering a challenging and good Uruguay bird hunt."

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Duck hunting AND Perdiz hunting in Uruguay. The Fortin Lodge provides both bird hunts.

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Perdiz Hunting Uruguay

What to Pack for Perdiz Hunting:

  1. Comfortable clothes and layers.
  2. Comfortable shoes - you will walk the fields, so comfort is key!
  3. Hat or vest or shirt with ORANGE - while not a rule or regulation for Perdiz hunting in Uruguay, Los Gauchos puts safety first. Always good to be able to stand out when in the field shooting Perdiz.
  4. small carry on for a camera or medical supplies.
  5. sunglasses - sun can be bright
  6. pack for shotgun shells - just a conveience, the guide (dog trainer) is right next to you pointing out the dog's activity of going "on point" when Perdiz are in the area.

Uruguay issues an extra license for Upland hunting - so please let us know when you book how many days (afternoons) you would like to Perdiz hunt. The Upland hunting season is May 1st - July 31st.

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